Previous Conferences


The 8th International Nursing Conference 2017 
"Education, Practice And Research Development In Nursing"

The 9th International Nursing Conference 2018
"Nurses at the Forefront in Transforming Care, Science, and Research"

The 10th International Nursing Conference 2019 
"Tropical Health Coastal Region Development"

The 11th International Nursing Conference 2020 
"Moving Beyond the Nursing Paradigm: Addressing Social Determinant of Healths in the era of COVID-19 Pandemic"

The 12th International Nursing Conference 2021 
"Reframing Nursing Education, Research and Practice: COVID-19 As Catalyst for Innovation"

The 13rd International Nursing Conference 2022 
"Continuous Innovation for Sustainable Health and Climate -Resilience"

The 14rd International Nursing Conference 2023 
"Transforming the Future Health care Through Research and Innovation"